Irrigation/Erosion Control

We make sure your turf and landscapes have the exact amount of water for the season we are in. In the St. Louis area, we experience a true four-season year, which requires drastic changes in moisture needs of your grass and landscapes. Our irrigation department works closely with our horticulturist and turfgrass managers to make changes based on current and forecasted conditions. While we make changes to your watering times, we will do a thorough check of all your irrigation components to ensure proper operation, and maintain optimal efficiency. We have a major advantage over just irrigation companies. When our staff is on site providing other services they are trained to recognize irrigation issues and report them immediately. This effort puts a stop to costly leaks and issues that can cause damage to turf and landscapes when undetected. Lawn Groomers also performs all backflow inspections in-house as we have a master plumber on staff.


It is important to have proper drainage not only for the vitality of the landscape but the overall health of you and your home. Most drainage can be solved by identifying the water source and re-routing it’s flow, in certain cases it requires more extreme measures. Lawn Groomers are experts at extending downspouts, installing french drains, and controlling erosion.