Snow Removal

Snow removal is one of the most critical services we provide. We have staff working 24 hours a day during winter storms. Lawn Groomers keeps their client in the know with constant updates on conditions, forecast, and our plans of action delivered via email. Every storm is different and

with a combined snow removal experience of over 60 years we still have not seen it all. However, we have seen enough to make some of the most accurate calls in the industry on when and how to implement removal. We understand that snow removal can be a budget busting service and with this in mind we try to be as effective and efficient as possible.

Snow removal equipment and technology is important to us and our overall success. All equipment that is used on driveways and sidewalks have poly cutting edges to keep paved surfaces safe from damage. Chemical applications are also considered as we use calcium or magnesium that is less impactful to the surfaces and landscape plant material. We buy our materials straight from the manufacture so we are not as prone to shortages and price fluctuations.