Lawn Care

We believe lawn care is one of the largest aspects as turf covers a vast majority of most properties. Turf health is not just a cosmetic look. A healthy turf that is deeply rooted will withstand insects, diseases, and be more resistant to drought & traffic. Healthy turf also requires less maintenance and resources. Our approach is to only use the best fertilizers that are set to timed releases and balanced for the needs of the turf. We have a specialist on staff with a degree in horticulture who has the education and experience to identify, treat, and stop lawn diseases if they were to occur.


What’s important to us about mowing:

  • Consistency: performing services regularly with a consistent quality
  • Timing: Performing service at proper times, this means regulating mowing for when it is not
    too wet or not needed. We only mow 4 days a week which gives us the flexibility to work around poor conditions.
  • Equipment: We use the proper equipment and right size mowers for your property. Lawn groomers is not afraid to use small mowers, in fact we have the smallest commercial mowers in the industry. We also believe in blade edging not with a string as a string can be inconsistent. We also purchase new equipment every year turning over all equipment every 3 years.
  • Maintenance: We sharpen our blades daily to cut the turf correctly.